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Dress Code


Ladies: Tailored golf slacks, Capri pants, golf dresses plus fours, golf skirts/skorts and Bermuda-style shorts are acceptable, must be mid-thigh or longer in length. Mock style, V-neck, halter tops only if with straps covering from tip of the shoulder to base of the neck, 4 inches wide, button up, and sleeveless shirts are permitted. Tops may be worn untucked.

Men: Golf slacks or tailored pants are acceptable. Shorts must be between mid-thigh & bottom of the knee. Collared shirts, turtlenecks/mock necks are also acceptable both short and long sleeves. Caps and visors without offensive logos or slogans.

Footwear: Golf shoes with soft spikes, running shoes, sports sandals, or any other soft-soled shoes are acceptable.



Men: Sweatpants, basketball shorts & beach or gym wear (Tank Tops) of any sort are prohibited. Any shirts or caps with offensive or derogatory logos, slogans or emblems are unacceptable.

Ladies: Singlets, halter tops with straps less than 4 inches wide, spaghetti straps, or any tops with bare midriffs or low cut are not permitted. Hoods are allowable on outerwear.

Footwear: Golf shoes with metal spikes, football or baseball cleats, high-heels, work/cowboy boots, and flip-flop sandals are unacceptable footwear for the golf course.

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