Birchbank Ladies hold their season closing event

By October 11, 2019 Course Updates

Birchbank Ladies held their season closing event on September 29th.  Unfortunately, the fun golf competition scheduled to start off the day was cancelled due to rather unusually chilly weather for this time of year.  The ladies gathered at the Birchbank Bistro in the afternoon for presentation of year-end awards followed by a delicious turkey dinner.  The Crystal Cup Match Play trophy was awarded to Vivian Oh, while Wanda Flack was runner up on the A side.  B side winner was Colleen DeRosa and Maureen Elliott was runner up.  Quick Print Monthly Competition winner with an average net of five monthly scores was Carol Babcock with a net 67.8.  The Ringer Board Tray was presented to Flori Valentine who was the overall winner with a 62, one stroke better than flight 1 winner Michele Shankland (63). Other flight winners were:  flight 2 Colleen DeRosa (66), flight 3 Carmela Livolsi (72 retro), flight 4 Anita Cameron (78), and flight 5 Eileen Holm (80).  Most Improved Eclectic Score on the Ringer Board was Sandy Wallace who took 56 strokes off her opening score.  Gail Rebelato was the overall winner of the Most Improved Handicap Factor trophy with a 1.1362 factor improvement in the 2019 golf season.  Other notable year-end presentations were:  Grace Choi – break 100 pin, Vivian Oh – break 90 pin, Sheila Johnson – Eagle pin, and Colleen Sanders and Myrna Reichmuth – hole-in-one pins.  The National Pin for Low Net at the Club Championship was presented to Maureen Elliott – two-day net 145.  Pictured left to right in photo 1 are:  Carol Babcock, Gail Rebelato, Vivian Oh, Flori Valentine.  Photo 2 – Ringer Board winners:  Eileen Gallamore, Colleen DeRosa, Maureen Elliott, Flori Valentine (overall winner), Sandy Wallace, Eileen Holm, Carmela Livolsi, Barb Secco